How to Connect with Gaia


1 sage leaf (fresh)
6 oregano leaves
1 white candle
2 towels


This how to connect and have protection from Gaia the mother earth.

Spell Casting

Go outside in a grassy area or under a tree. Take the sage leaf and the oregano leaves and soak them in water. Mash the herbs a little bit until the water is slightly tinged green. Then take the herbs out of the water and dispose of them. Take the candle and soak the wax part of it in the water (make sure to not get the wick wet. You can also just dip the bottom of the candle in the liquid)

Sit on the towel in a meditating pose. Try to bring your blanket of inner peace out, covering you. Light the candle and close your eyes. Say: "Mother earth. Protect me in my times of need. Protect my mind and body and soul. Protect my family. Connect with me so I may have inner peace." Sit for a while. You will feel great peace. Smell the smoke from the candle. Breathe in deep. And breathe out. Keep breathing.

Then blow out the candle and get up slowly. You will now feel protected for a week.
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