Dream Charm (for children)


A piece of dark blue cotton cut into a circle
A matching blue ribbon
A black polished riverstone
Silver glitter and silver stars
3 rose petals
3 Lavender heads
One clear quartz or a few small pieces
A medium sized malachite stone
2 clear beads (big enough to finish the ends of the ribbon.


This does the same thing as a dream catcher: wards off nightmares and brings good dreams.

Spell Casting

Sit down with the child and talk about how nice it is to dream about nice things. Explain to him/her that you are going to make a special sleep charm that will stay under his/her pillow to bring nice sweet dreams. Let the child do most of the work, placing all the ingredients (except for the ribbon and beads) onto the blue cotton in the center. Tell the child to imagine he is dreaming of nice things like puppies and fairies etc. And to gently blow into the cloth all of those wishes three times over. , then gather it all up so it looks like a pouch and tie three knots around it with the ribbon, then sew carefully the clear beads to the ends of the ribbon. Let the child place it under the pillow and ask him/her to say to the pouch:
"Bringer of bad dreams Do not come play here Bringer of nice dreams, You are always welcome here."
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