Calling to You


1 Large pink candle
1 Candle holder
Piece of paper sprayed with perfume or cologne
Pink pen
Full moon


This spell is simple and easy, and will bring a lover to you. I persoanlly used it and within three days I had found someone. NOT to be used with a specific person in mind.

Spell Casting

1) Take the pink pen and write your name on it then draw a heart around it.
2) Put the candle in the candle holder.
3) Light the candle.
4) Place the candle under the light of the full moon.
5)Take the piece of paper and burn it in the flame of the candle.
6) Focus on the flame of the candle, and pray to the goddess, asking for her help in finding a lover.
7) Keep paying until the flames begin to get higher then extinguish the candle.
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