A Simple Love Spell


Small paper
Lipstick or lipgloss
Pen, pencil, or crayon
Safe place


This spell may not work. Message me if it does.

Spell Casting

-First, you need a small piece of paper.

-Next, put on the lipstick you can find, or lipgloss. Either one works.

-Then, kiss the middle of the paper and write your crushes name above or below the kiss mark.

-Chant the following as many times as you like, "I love him, he will love me, let's be together, for all eternity. Mote it forever."

-Fold the paper hamburger style.

-Put the paper in the envelope and kiss the front of it.

-Put it in a safe place.

Once when you seal it and put it in a safe place, DON'T OPEN IT EVER AGAIN! If you do, it will break the spell.
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