Give up Smoking


Tobacco and Ciggie Buts
Thin black Cloth
Black Candle
White Candle
Will Power


To give up addiction to Tobacco

Spell Casting

Wrap up tobacco and ciggarette buts  in black cloth

Inscribe widdershins spiral on candle

Light candle

Inhale the foul smell of the package

Focus all intent of despising and hate on the package

Say "This that harms me, I let go"

Snuff out the black candle when you are ready, and bury the remnants of it, with the cloth package.

Brush your teeth and wash your mouth.

Light the white candle. Take three deep breaths.

Say "I am breathing, I am clean, I am free" three times.

Repeat this with the white candle every morning and night for as long a necessary.
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