A Chalice


This is a Sabbat for the fire God Bel, also known as Baal, and fertility rites. The Goddess as the mother and the horned God will come together in union. By using a Chalice with wine and your Athame, you can perform a ritual with a spell.

Spell Casting

Hold the Chalice in both hands at eye level and visualize the young beautiful Goddess and say:

"I hold the Goddess, the fertile Mother I bathe in your wisdom and love for all creatures."

Set the Chalice down and pick up the Athame in both hands with the tip pointing skyward. Visualize the God as a young handsome man as you say:

"I hold the symbol of the father and God, who embodies great strength and energy".

Reserve the position of the Athame to point down to Earth and use you dominant hand and say: "As the Goddess and God unite, new life begins". Bring the Athame to your lips and say:

"Blessed Be, so mote it be!"

Put the Athame down and pick up the Chalice and drink some of the wine as you visualize your own relationship and how you can breathe new life into it as you say:

"I choose (name of lover) as my desire, as the God Bel comes through the flames of fire. So mote it be!"
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