Azrael's Touch


Sigil of Azrael
Juniper, Sandlewood, and Cedar oil
Index and middle fingers


To reap souls by touch.

Spell Casting

Have the Sigil of Azrael in your left breast pocket consecrated with the three oils. Also dip left index and middle fingers in oil while reciting, "I,_______, invoke the power of Azrael, loan to me your gifted touch so that I may do your Work. So Mote it Be!"
Be careful who you touch with your left hand, doesnt really kill so much as reaps their soul leaving them empty.
Not for the irresponsible or weak Willed.

To reverse wash with holy water and recite " Azrael, thank you for loaning me your gift, I return it to you in peace. So Mote it Be!"
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