Creating a Psi Tendril


Will power
The ability to direct and manipulate chi/energy


Teaches you how to form a psi tendril for various uses.

Spell Casting

Start by rubbing your palms together to stimulate the chakras.
Next, you will need to move chi from your center to your palms, taking long deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth.
Continue pushing chi to your palms and breathing this way until your palms are tingling or you have a pins & needles sensation in them.
At this point you will begin pushing the energy out of your hands in the form of small energy filiments.
Focus on these filiments and sending chi through them, as you do this the filiments will grow.
Try attaching the filiments to something with chi or energy in it, pulling the energy through it, making the tendril stronger and thicker the more you use it.

You may also want to try sending thoughts, charged energies, or emotions through the tendril.
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