To make someone love you


2 red candles
2 white candles
4 quatrz crystals
1 sage smudging stick
dried rose pettles


This spell makes the person of your choice love you. It invokes the power of the goddess Aphrodite. This is a very powerful love spell, that is very old.

Spell Casting

Cast your circle, place your candels in a circle on your alter with a quartz crystal between them. In the centere of the candels place your cauldren. Add rosemery, rose pettles, hemlock, and sage in the couldren and burn them. As they burn and smoke chant this spell.

"Aphrodite I summon thee to aid me in this lonely hour.
I invoke thee anicent power.
From heart to heart and lips to lips feel this my gentle kiss.
By the power of old and new,______ shall love me, ____shall love me.
By all wiccan powers that there be, from fire, wind, land, and sea, you are now in love with me.
So Mote it be!"
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