Rain Summoning


a pencil (doesn't have to be a blessed one)
pipe water or Elemental (Blessed) Water


This spell will summon rain, hence the name, within one day (usually less), but be sure that your intentions are clean. This spell has no reversion, so there is no fear of miss-casting. Good luck!

Spell Casting

Write down on the paper:

I call the Element that rests in the West
And waves with blue up to the sky
I call the Element that is the home to the guest
And it will never die
I call for need of help
Will you come? Oh, come, I yelp!
Spill your waters over me
Rain forever blessed be!

Read it once, or as many times you want, and then sprinkle the paper with water.
Fold the paper four times and on every fold draw a Pentagram. On the last fold draw also a chalice with waters around it.

After the folding chant this while holding the drawing of the Pentagram on your forehead:

Great Goddess, I take your every blessing
Great Goddess, this place needs a resting.
Great God, of Forests you are King
Great God, oh, grant me of this thing.

If you can, visualize a raining day, clouds over your head and wind on your cheeks (you don't have to be outside to visualize). Sense the Element's core shifting towards you, listening you.

To end the spell and combine your wishes with the Element, chant this:

I wish upon Thee-
So mote it be!

Note: You can adjust this spell to yourself, as your intentions control the spell, alongside the Element.
Good luck with casting!
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