To Invoke a Rune


*A rune set

*Knowledge of the Elder Futhark (meanings, uses, and pronunciation.)

*Knowledge of trancework.

*Silence and solitude


A very basic brush of the surface of Runic Galdr

Spell Casting

I'll begin by trying to explain Galdr in the simplest way I can. Galdr roughly comes from the phrase "to crow." It is a verbal incantation sort of magic. Either chanted or sung. Rune galdr is the singing of the runes. You literally invoke the conscious nature of the rune itself. You vibrate its name and sing for it to come into your life. You actively welcome and call forth the nature and very being of the rune.

We'll begin with Fehu. Beginning galdr is much more than sitting down and singing. You must live with the rune, and become aware that it lives. It's mystery is active and aware.

Begin this journey by learning all you can about Fehu. Its mystery, its pronunciation, its uses. Eventually we can agree the overall importance of Fehu is wealth. For this exercise we will focus on material wealth.

To expand living with Fehu carry a runestone of Fehu in your pocket as often as you can. When you have time hold onto the stone and meditate on the nature of Fehu. As corny as it sounds, become one with Fehu. I suggest you eventually do this will all the runes. Also study the Anglo-Saxon and Norwegian rune poems of Fehu.

When you have learnt about Fehu you can move on to galdr. Sit in the dark, alone, and in silence. Hold the rune in your hand, or perhaps paint it on your body.

Eventually work yourself into a deep trance. A trance that feels like you are barely alive and are submerged in the earth. Once that feeling has been reached you can begin.

Begin by humming softly. Then slowly begin to chant or sing "Feeeehhhuuuu" Over and over again sing it's name. Then eventually repeat this.


Fe fe fe fe fe fe fe fe fe

Hu hu hu hu hu hu Fehu


Do this over and over again and feel the nature of the rune filling you up with it's aspect. Do this until you feel it is done and are confident. Exit the trance slowly and thank Fehu for its gift.
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