To call upon Thor: Meditation


*A simple altar for Thor

*Pine resin incense


A simple prayer to ask for guidance from the Thunder god.

Spell Casting

Clear your mind and get into the mojo of contacting divinity. If you cannot do such things yet don't despair, you just need practice. Thor is well known by his following for answering almost any call, no matter how insignificant it seems.

Sit down at the altar to Thor and ask for Thor to come and give you guidance. Tell him that you honor him and self reliance, and that you simply seek what guidance that he might have for you, not a handout.

Sit quietly now and begin meditation visualizing thunder and rain storms. Ponder you're current posistion in life and ask Thor which path you should take. Wait until the answer is made clear.

If you do not recieve an immediate response, thank Thor and know that the answer will be made clear throughout the day in forms of signs and/or visions.

Pour an offering of mead for Thor, the god of common sense.
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