Energy Exchange


5 black candles(if it is bad energy)
5 white candles(if its good energy)
Picture of the person
Birth stone of the person


It switchs the energy that you have with another person.

Spell Casting

Put the candles around the picture in a pentagon,put the birthstone in the middle of the picture light the candles, put your hand on the stone (that is in the middle of the picture)and chant these words:


"Energy dark, energy light come out of me and flow into the right everything is coming into the light."


Chant this about 3 times on the hour and say the persons name after you say the spell.

My freind told me about this and does not have a computer
so im poting this my friend 18 and has been into this for 10 years so Im hoping this work I havent tried it im new at this so can you help me with this by sending me messages.
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