Find your Soul, Inner Travel


Belief that it can be done
Clear Tranquil Mind


It is extremely healthy for not only your third eye but your spirit to get in personal acquaintance with your soul, it will not work for everyone because for some in a past life have betrayed the soul, so they shy themselves but anyone can still travel within themselves.

Spell Casting

It may sound hard but it is actually simple, some just need to stare at a candle flame to clear the mind while others require complete silence...I found music and incense help most find a way to calmly exert their energy.

To gain focus by candle, this works best whose element is fire since it will create a stronger connection to the person. Stare at the flame, it dosn't matter how long for it takes because focus is not so quickly gained, watch the flame flicker then it begins. Don't pay attention to anything else but the flame then once that is achieved close your eyes. Once closed think of the following of your choice, a library with telaportic books, portal, waterfall, painless lava or fire anything that you can go through or can transport you automatically without your guidance. Mine is a neon waterfall surrounded by crystals while some have books that take them or portals. Imagine your teleporter and tell it to take you to where you need to go and if your just interested in seeing your soul tell it you need to see your soul. Now your journey begins in your experience I can not tell you what to expect but always know nothing is impossible once in your spiritual self and I suggest putting locks in important places to keep things safe and good luck for what you want to know is just hidden in yourself. If your going by element on the beginning of the topic, those of water may want a bowl of water to dip there hands in frequently until they are ready then close your eyes. I hope you are able to succeed since the others I brought there were in my personal life so I could find ways to help them focus better but if you need any help message me on here or my email. AsariGoddess is my username but when messaging just call me by Vayessa. Good luck to all of you.
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