Curse Book


A booklet stapled, or a blank notebook (diaries work well too)
Skill in energy arts
Piece of paper
Pen or pencil


By the end of this, You should have a booklet enchanted to curse whoever's name you write down until you burn the page containing it.

Spell Casting

1. first light the candle and put it in the upper center where you are working the spell
2. On the piece of paper draw a pentacle. anything of value to you can be drawn on the side if you wish.
3. Summon a spirit of light saying:


"Please protect me, O spirit of the light. Make sure I am not harmed, Help raise my barrier asI do such."


4. You should feel like your boss is looking over your shoulder within 5 minutes
5. Imagine a circle around you and your workplace, or altar and cast everything else out as if it did not exist.
6. Place your booklet in the center of your drawn pentegram.
7. Place your hands on the booklet and imagine any negative energy you may have and place it within the book.
8. Say:


"Anyone who may curse me or put me astray,I warn youI warn you, that you will pay. For I pour all my dark energy and invite any around. Into my little curse book, thatI find so profound. UntilI burn the page that holds your name, you shall be cursed, but cursed by your own name, so mote it be."


9. You will feel uncomfortable, unless you affiliate with dark energies often.
1o wait 5-10 minutes, during this time imagine all the dark energy around you being compressed into your curse book until you see it shaking in your head or feel it pressing up against your hand.
11. Imagine all energy being cut off from the book.
12. Imagine any dark energy surrounding you turning into a bright white energy
13. Don't bring down your sheild until everything seems peaceful again and nothing threatening is there.
14. Do a banishing ritual/spell to cast out anything lingering
15. Now ask the spirit of light to leave and thank it. Try to leave out some salad or something. It will not be physical eaten! It will just have some energy absorbed. You will not want to eat it. It could be bad for you spiritually. That will serve as a sacrifice
16. Take the paper that you drew the pentagram of and burn it.
17. Blow out the candle.
18. You are done, be careful of who you write in there. You are still abiding by the laws of 3x3 and whatever you put out into the world you will get back. the only way to stop their curse is to burn the paper with their name on it.
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