Good Luck Spell


1 green candle
4 gemstones (polished/found)
7 blades of grass


**WARNING** If you are not a Wiccan/Witch or have something against them, then please don't perform this spell. Otherwise, this is a spell that I created, and I read that the ones you create yourself are stronger. Please enjoy, for this spell will give you good luck!

Spell Casting

Light the candle
Place one gemstone on each side of the candle (remember, you have 4)
Burn the grass blades in the candle's flame
Powers of Night and Day protect me, but please do not change me forever. All I need is the Sun and the Moon to protect me on my tricksy endeavors. Horned God, please call upon your animals to help me, beautiful Goddess I need your majesty to be with me.
The spell works best on a full moon. Please do not use the spell recklessly, and I hope you enjoy!
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