Money-Drawing Oil


Patchouli [in any form].
Carrier Oil of choice.
1 Cinnamon Stick [or powdered].
Whole Cloves.
A small vial with a lid.
Small piece of Pyrite(optional).


An Oil to draw money to you.

Spell Casting

First you want to add about 3 drops of Patchouli oil, or a small amount of Patchouli Leaves. Don't add a lot though, it can be very strong.

Next, add your Cinnamon stick, if you do not have Cinnamon Sticks available, you may add powdered cinnamon. If your cinnamon stick doesn't fit in your container, snap it in half.

Add the Cloves, I used about a nickel sized amount of Cloves, you can add more if you like.

Place your intention into each ingredient as you add it into your vial. Money, visualize a green/gold/silver energy flowing through them, think of what you need  to pay off.

Once you have added all of your herbal ingredients, it's time to add your Carrier Oil of Choice. I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but there are other like Grape seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, or Sunflower Oil. Try to use oils that do not have a strong scent.

Fill it up before it gets to the rim, at about the neck of the bottle. Place your top on your bottle, then give it a little shake, and turn it over a couple times. As you do this, again, place your intention into this oil.

Now you can use this oil in a variety of things. You can anoint a green candle with it, put it in a money-drawing powder, anoint your jewelry or skin with it [be careful with strong oils, dilute them so they do not irritate the skin]. You can anoint your wallet with it to help draw money to it as well.

*If you want, you can add a small piece of Pyrite into the vial as well. It has money-drawing properties.
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