Koldunic Ritual


Candle of the chosen elements color.
the energy needed


This summons the power of the land to do something that has to do with one of the four elements.Fire Air Earth Water. The More experienced you are the greater control you exert over the element.

Spell Casting

First you must light the candles and go into a deep meditation. you can cast a nature circle or anything of the kind to help you.In your meditation you must become really one with the land then you shall feel another more powerful presence that feel as if its in a deep slumber it should be a great spirit who basically runs the land You must move in unison directing the spirit cautiously because you are using your will to direct your will.You should then control of one of the elements.Know though that the land weakens with use and eventually the spirit will feel the disturbance and will hunt you till you are silenced because you permanetly have a part of you with the spirit and when you sleep you could accidently cause something.So be careful and you cant hold me responsible.
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