My Love


Container to mix in
Container to store in
1 Strawberry(op)
6 Black berries
2 1/2oz Chocolate
1/4 cup Fresh peach juice
1tbs Rosemary
2 pinches Ginger
1 palm-full Cinnamon
1 palm-full Sage (op)
1/2 tbsp. Vanilla
1 tbsp. Nutmeg
1 tbsp. Cranberry juice (op)


Love potion: Best with a partner. This spell works I did it on my two best friends. :)

Spell Casting

Mix the ingredients together in the container then put it in the storage container and chant the following: (best with a partner)



"BlackBerrys for eternal flame
cranberries/strawberries for lust
chocolate for eagers
and peach juice for long lasting love
ginger for sweetness.
Cinnamon for a hart
rosemary for a chance
and sage/nutmeg for a start
lives' a pain to find that everlasting love
from this two (2) drink/eat the purest of elements
and one will find the other.
Aphrodite's hear our/my cry's use your powers from the skies
help us/me bring truth not lies and make thins potion come alive."



After you do the Enchantment then you say this to use it one someone:


"With this potion we/they eat/drink make (name 1) and (name 2) be in love for life with this good delight."


Say this wile adding 4 drops into the food/drink:


"Four drops each shall receive on this (name of day) eve a journey soon begins a new life of love and happiness."


Now you just give the person/people you want to fall in love.

E-mail me if it doesn't work.
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