Dream a Dream


Just a singing voice. (You may use candles or incense if you choose)


I have written and used this on my own family members and a friend's child. It does work.

Spell Casting

If you have to, write the spell down.
sing in the sweetest voice you can:


"Close your eyes,
rest your head,
Little angel.
Go to bed.
My little sweetheart.
So innocent.
Close your eyes,
rest your head."



If the child is still not asleep continue by singing:


"Dream of love
Dream of love
Dream of happiness
My little dove
Dream not of pain
Dream not of anger
But dream a dream
my little dove."


I know this may seem like just a simple lullaby but it is not. if it works on even a 7 year old and two 10 year olds, it is not a simple lullaby. just sing it with a positive aura and eyes closed, releasing a calming energy into the child.

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