Open a Hell Gate


Any location not protected from demons


A spell designed to open an incorporeal gateway to the realm of demons. Doesn't summon demons. They are free to enter or exit the gateway at any time once it is open

Spell Casting

A rather simple one to accomplish. But cannot be performed on land protected from demons. Such as holy ground... Understand that once opened Hell gates are almost impossible to close.

To begin simply choose a suitable location. I would reccomend away from yourself or where you perform spells. You must be there physically. Cannot be accomplished using astral projection or scrying. Next stand just near a surface for the gate to connect to.

Begin chanting: Conjuro potentiae Lucifer
Patefacio a porta ad inferos
Et tua deamones transire
Sic urantar mundi

After this I would leave quickly. You may have opened the gate. But, without protection the demons may turn on you as their first victim
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