Become Bound to Hecate


1 solid black cloth
5 white candles
3 candles the color of your aura
1 white writing instrument
1 drop of your own blood


A spell a freind told me about. It is supposed to bind the caster to the Goddess of magic herself. The caster would then have access to a fraction of her power and knowledge of spells.

Spell Casting

First place the solid black cloth down. It needs to be large enough to draw a large circle on. Arrange the white candles around the circle in a pentagon with the point away from yourself. Then the other candles outside the pentagon in a triangle with the point toward yourself. Light all the candles to begin.

Then chant: Ipsa magia obligo animam meam
Intercessione Hecate et me ligari in aeternum
Concede mihi in sua potentia
Sicut eam dem anima mea

After chanting this three(3) times place a few drops of your blood inside the circle. Let the candles burn for a bit longer before extinguishing them
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