Banish Negative Energy Protection Bath


Ground Cloves
Whole Cloves
1 Whole Bay Leaf
Penny Royal
Cauldron (A Kitchen Pot will do)


This is a recipe I created when I felt psychically attacked. It worked quite well for me, and should do so as well for you.

Spell Casting

1) Fill your cauldron with water and bring it to a boil
2) Depending on your situation, write the name of the one who is psychically attacking you on the whole bay leaf, (If you don't know who it is then skip this step)
3) Crush the bay leaf and put it in the cauldron
4) Add one pinch of each spice to the cauldron and let it simmer
5) when the water in the pot is dark brown take it off the stove
6) Fill your tub with a desired amount of water for a bath
7) Pour the mixture into the bath water
8) Bathe in the water and let it seep in
9) When you start to feel refreshed let the tub drain, and take a regular shower

Repeat whenever you feel attacked or at risk
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