White Candle Protection Ritual


1 white candle


This is an easy spell to warn off negative energy. I like to cast it before I go to sleep as I have had a succubus visit me on several occasions. I think this is a good spell for the beginners and the inexperienced members of our website.

Spell Casting

You can use this any time, but it is strongest during a full moon. When it gets dark, light your white candle. If possible make sure your white candle is in view of the moon. After your candle is lit, chant the lines below. I usually say them multiple times for full effect:

“Bright power of the candle light,
Grant me safety for the night.
Your energies please keep me protected,
So that I may stay rested.
I thank your spirit for the warm affection,
That now I ask for your action.
Of my house please defend,
So that my dangers will suspend.”

After this I usually let my candle burn for longer, letting the wax drip down it's sides, under the direct moon light if possible. You can put it out now of course if you really want, but I prefer to let it burn for a while longer.
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