Make a Wand


Stick (Doesn'thave to be it can be a pen if you want to)


Just a simple wand. This can be used for anything unless the spell you are using the wand for needs a special element wand of course.

Spell Casting

Find a branch or a stick while walking in the park or any place where you can find them. It doesn't matter what kind of wood just find the one calling for you. If you can't find a branch, ask a tree if you can cut one off. If not, ask another tree. (Don't harm the poor trees if they don't want to get hurt :'( A good length for a wand is from the tip of your middlefinger to your elbow. Remember: a wand is just to direct energy. It can be a pen or even your finger! (Don't use this spell with your finger, that might be painfull)

Now you have your stick, (you need to be outdoors for this) go to a place where you are going to make your wand. Light the incense to remove negative energy, because we are NOT using this wand for bad things! After all, you may fail making the wand.

Stand outside and place a glass of water, a lit candle and the incense in front of you. Draw with your wand on the floor a circle around you deosil (clockwise) Hold your wand in the air and chant:

"God/dess of the winds,
Grant this wand the power of air!"

Stir with your wand in the glass of water and chant:

"God/dess of the rivers,
Grant this wand the power of water!"

Put out the flame of the candle with your wand an chant:

"God/dess of the flames,
Grant this wand the power of fire!"

Put the staff in the earth and chant:

"God/dess of the mountains,
Grant this wand the power of earth!"
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