Dwarf's Blessing


Small amount of blood
Shiny metal offerings
Dirt in which to make a mound
A space outdoors


This spell is to get the attention of the duergar of the Northern pantheon. They have ties to blacksmithing and providing clever solutions in times of need.

Spell Casting

Find a nice spot outside away from civilization. Make sure the spot is earthy and wild. Start by saying a silent prayer to the dwarves. They are beings of honor and civilty for beings of the primal earth. 

When you feel you are ready combine the blood and mead together in a bowl. Make a fist and knock nine times on the ground. Say this "Duergar, I knock at your door where is your hospitality?"

After this is done hold the bowl over the spot you knocked. Declare your offering of the mead to them. Then take the shiny metal bits and offer that as well. Dig a small hole and put the metal in the hole. Pour the mead upon the metal then bury the offering and make a small mound. Then ask the dwarves' for their blessing in what ever endeavor you are going to take.

Thank them and be on your way.


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