To Bless a Sword/Weapon


A sword or weapon
A metal etcher or similar tool
Basic knowledge of the runes
Bottle of mead
Drinking horn


This spells is derived from the lore of Brynhild the Valkyrie from the Icelandic saga, the Volsung Saga.

Spell Casting

First let's look at the lore.

"Victory runes shall you know

If you want to secure wisdom,

And cut them on the sword hilt,

On the center ridge of the blade,

And the parts of the brand,

And name Tyr twice."


This verse is taken from the Volsung Saga. From this we get a bit of wisdom. We are to carve victory runes into our weapons. The closest runes to this are Sowilo and Tiwaz. Tiwaz is the rune of legal success, Sowilo represent victory. So start by carving the runes Sowilo and Tiwaz as a bind rune on the spots of the blade that we are told. The center, hilt, and brand. Here is an example as to what that bindrune would look like

Carve the bind runes in the proper places. Then sit with the weapon and place it upon the Earth. Take your bottle of mead and pour it into the horn. Raise the horn high and say this "Mighty one armed god of War and Honor. Bless this weapon, may it see that I am victorious."

Drink a bit of the mead and wash the blade in the rest of the mead. Say your thanks to the gods and be done with your work.
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