Chanting Storms


Just you and three of your friends


A simple rain spell. It works best when you have a circle to do it with you. Results vary.

Spell Casting

After casting your circle, gather in a circle and visualize what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Keep the image in your mind's eye and say the spell.

"We call Emena, Mother of all created.
We call the Wind, Son of our Mother.
We call the Earth, Sister of the wind,
We call the Father, Fire and Soul mate.

Hear us Spirits of the world,
Hear us cry your names.
Let wind and earth meat,
Let a storm spring forth.
We call Wind and Water (repeat this seven times)
Let us meet in perfect harmony,
An it harm none
So mote it be."

Close your circle.

The name of the Goddess depends on who you see as the Mother Goddess. It was written by a close friend of mine and she preferred the Goddess Emena. I substitute if for Isis.
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