Distant Sight


6 Black Candles
Your Voice


In short this spell allows you to see over great distances.

Spell Casting

This spell works best during the night of a Full Moon.
You need 6 black candle, concentration, and your voice.

Your candles should be in a circle around you and lite before you begin your meditation.

First meditate and visualize who or what you want to see and how far away they or it is (If you know the distance). If not than just picture the person or object in your mind.

Next say this chant 3 times, than focus until you see the person or object start to appear in your mind. And before your eyes.

Ancient crones far and wide
Lend me your site just for tonight
Witches of night, who's sight is conjured through focused light
Help me to see the worlds furthest sites

Once you start to see what it is you wish to see. Makes sure not to loose focus on them or it. Also if the other person you are looking at is also a Witch be extremely aware that if you can see her/him than they can sense that you are looking at them and may put up a spell to counteract your spell.
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