Summoning Spell


Pentagram (Optional but recomended for beginners)
Blood (Optional)


Summoning demons and fallen angels it can bring good luck. also this is not my spell I found it years and years ago.

Spell Casting

*Pease note if you're using a pentagram it must be the satanic pentagram.*
To activate the pentagram place a drop of blood in all empty areas that do not make the star. as you apply the blood start saying:


"Archangel, dark angel, lend me thy light through deaths veil until we have heaven in sight."


The incantation can be said repeatedly until the user feels that it is safe to stop.the last part of the incantation goes:


"Archangel, dark angel, lend me thy light."


It only gets repeated once when you feel you are done.

Without the pentagram the same incantation is used but without the blood.

NOTE: Good luck can come when useing this spell. If the pentagram is not used small cuts appear on both arms and legs as while as your head. this spell can also be used to summon gardian demons. Also note if you can't see a demon it doesn't mean it is not there. your body will be able to perseve their pressence by creepy feelings such as the feeling you're being watched, uneasyness, and goosebumbs.
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