Elements that Protect


You need a blue candle (representing water),grey candle (air),red (fire),green(earth).
Choose the candle that you like to put in the middle and represent your spirit. The candles that represent elements need to be small, and the one representing your spirit should be taller than the rest.


Nobody will hurt you and negative stuff won't reach you. So while do moon is WAXING and by first sunset,do the spell. This will help with people who want to harm you,or spirits.

Spell Casting

Place the candles in 4 different directions,and the one representing your spirit in the middle. Sit down, relax, empty your head, and with a whisper or loud clear voice say:


"I am one,
I am pure,
You who wish to harm me and will not ensure,
By elements and powers within me,
you not won't get close to me,
so mote it be!"


That's it, you can extinguish candles, and if you want to continue meditating that's fine too. Wish you luck.

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