Brush of Protection


Cinnamon powder
1 White Candle
(NOTE: Try to do this simple ritual once a week at've got to brush your teeth anyway.)


This simple daily spell will offer you: 1)Protection 2)Good Luck or both of the above if you want :)

Spell Casting

Step 1

Decide if you're going to do this one in the morning or in the eveniing...or both!

(HINT: Doing this one in the morning will attract prosperity and good luck into your home...doing it in the evening will bring protection and security to all living in your home...)

Step 2

Lay your toothbrush and toothpaste on the countertop next to your sink.

Step 3

Sprinkle cinnamon powder around your sink so it's half circle around your toothbrush, toothpaste...but is
"open" to you.

Step 4

Place your white candle at the top of the half circle of cinnamon, inside the half circle.

Step 5

Light the candle and clsoe your eyes.

Step 6

If you're doing the spell in the morning say:



"With every stroke of this brush, I attarct more prosperity and luck to this home.

This energy will follow me wherever I roam.

Brush be ready, brush be quick...

Attract what i need and make it stick."



*If you're doing this spell in the evening say:



"With every stroke of this brush, I attract security and protective energy to all in this home.

This energy will follow us wherever we roam.

Safe from tragedy, heartache, and ill.

Brush be swift, cleanse all, then be still."



Step 7

If it's in the morning, as you brush your teeth, visualize a very specific increase in prosperity for you as every day goes by.

Imagine how you'll feel when prosperity begins to find you in subtle and possibly dramatic ways. With each brush stroke, the images in your mind should intensify as if they're already occuring. If it's evening, with each brush stroke imagine a white light in the shape of an egg shell grow in intensity around each living thing in your home. Imagine stones coming at you, and watch them bounce off this protective shield that continues to get brighter...stronger...

Step 8

When you're done, snuff the candle out, DO NOT BLOW! Then clean up as usual and go about your day.
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