Lucky Horseshoe Unlocking Ritual


A small drawstring bag (one that is big enough to fit whatever size, or the type of horseshoe you use...)
2 Magnets, or Lodestones. (These could be any types of magnets or lodestones.)
A horseshoe (I would recommend using a real one...but a small toy one would work, and so would one you make out of paper.)
A Clover
Any fruity smelling incense, like strawberry or vanilla
2 Green Candles


This spell ritual is used to unlock your own luck in ways unimaginable varieties if you use it with precaution. Overall, this spell unlocks all kinds of opportunities (one that could save your life to solve your problems). As usual, use this spell for good.

Spell Casting

Prepare your altar and cast your magick circle as you would normally do. Put the magnets or lodestones, the horseshoe, and the clover in your drawstring bag. Light the incense and allow the aroma to fill the room.

Light the candles, and as you do say: "Luck comes to me by the powers of three...everything good comes my way, just as i say, so mote it be." Pick up the bag and wave it over the incense three times saying:

"This bag is made,
This charm is done,
Let luck come to me,
In a free-flowing run."

Snuff out the candles and give thanks to the spirits for the successful outcome of the spell. Open your magick circle. Place the bag close to where you sleep at night and luck will begin to flow your way. Then see what happens.
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