Water's Money Powder


You will need the following:

Allspice (3 tsp)
Ground Basil (3 tsp)
Ground Clove (1 tsp)
Pine (How Many You Want To Use)
Ground Sage (1 tsp)
7 Bay Leaves
7 Drops Of Frankincense Oil (OPTIONAL)


A Very Simple Money Powder... You can make and get surprising results FAST..

Spell Casting

You will want to get a small bowl and pour in the Allspice, Basil and Clove (IN THAT EXACT ORDER). Then, cut up and ground the Pine and pour it in the bowl. Next, pour in Sage. After that, just cut up all 7 Bay Leaves into small pieces and pour it into the bowl. When done, mix the powdery mix clockwise (TOWARDS YOU). Once it's turn's into a paper money green color you can add 7 drops of Frankincense Oil into the mix then mix it clockwise again.

You can sprinkle some of this powder in places and objects that represent money and/or places you store your money in. For Example (Piggy Bank or Wallet). I highly suggest you make this potion on a Waxing Moon or New Moon you will get a better result.
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