Softer Skin


1 clean, damp, hot towel
1 dry towel
1 really rough sandstone
A bottle of natural oils such as lavender or avocado oil


This is less of a spell, although the incantation helps, it is more of a potion or remedy. It works especially well on feet, knees and elbows as these are usually the roughest parts of the body.

Spell Casting

Rub your skin with the stone until your skin looks whiter and is smoother. Wrap the damp towel around the area and leave it to cool, but take it away before it gets cold.

Put some oil on the index finger of your right hand draw a pentacle on your skin. After this massage the oil all over the selected area.

Dry with the second towel and say "Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, bless me with your courtious gift of soft skin and kind heart. So mote it be."
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