The Roses of Love


1 plate
4 white rose shaped candles
2 pink rose shaped candles
1 pink sphere candle
Rose oil
A picture of the person


This is a love spell to be performed on a specific person, it uses candles to call to that person and win you their affection.

Spell Casting

Set the plate flat. Set the rose candles in a circle, two white on top, two white on bottom and a pink one on the sides. Next set the pink sphere in the middle. Put the insence in the holder. Put 3 drops of rose oil on each candle

Light the insence and light the candles. Put the picture of the person in front of you. Focus all your attention on the picture letting the candle light shine on the person and et your energy flow. Imagine you and that person together and in love.

Continue doing this until the insence burns out. Blow out the candles when finished.
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