The Most Powerful Fire Protection Spell


White candle
Blue candle
Red candle
A glass of water
A picture of Mami Wata
A picture of Vulcan
Matches or a lighter


Protects you from fire spells and works 100% although its your first time.... If it doesn't work let me know please

Spell Casting

Put your white candle in front of you, the blue candle on your right and the incense on your left. Cut the red candle an inch taller than your glass of water and put the red candle in the glass of water. Light the red candle and put it behind the white candle. take the picture of Mami wata and chant:

I summon Mami wata
in the name of all water. (Repeat 5 times)

Now, light all the candles and the incense and chant:

I fight fire with water
I fight Valcon with Wata
(Repeat until the red candle turns off)

After the water has turn off the candle say "So Mote It Be"
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