To Liberate Someone From Your Life


1 Fireplace w/ burning fire
1 Blue candle
1 Sheet of paper (any)
1 Writing utensil


To liberate someone from your life. This spell allows the witch to gently push someone out of his or her life without being mean or cruel about it. ~Written by: TaRoCcHi_11

Spell Casting

Begin by making a fire in your fireplace. Sit for a moment and focus on the flames and their undying freedom and power. Take in this freedom and power into yourself. When you feel ready to begin letting go, light your blue candle and take your writing utensil and put down on the paper all of your current feelings about the person you wish to be free of; these feelings may be good, or they may be bad. Just let it all out onto the paper. Once you have done that, write underneath your feelings: "I release thee from my life". Sign your name below that affirmation. Now, take the blue candle and drip the hot wax onto the paper where you stated your affirmation. After, speak this spell aloud and with freedom and power:

Remnants linger from our past
Now you are such: part of my past.
Don't call, don't text, don't ask for me.
Just simply go and leave me be.
Out of mind, out of the way
Out of my life forever stay.
Return here nevermore
To my path, my conscience nor.
We part our ways and carry on
Then soon I'll understand you're gone.
I wish you well on your journey
But now I bid adieu to thee.
With harm to none
So mote it be.

One you've said the spell, throw the paper into the fire and watch it burn. As it burns, take a deep breath in, and exhale it out. Know that you are free of this individual from now on.
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