Love spell - works while you sleep


1 red or pink candle
1 picture of your crush. If you dont have one, carf his/her full name in the candle.


This spell let your crush fall in love whit you while you sleep.

Spell Casting

Before you go to sleep put the candle on top of the picture in front of your window, light it, and meditate on your love for as long as you think is nesseserely.Then chant the spell:

Godes of faith please hear my pleat, send me the love i so desperedly seek.
Spirits of love please hear me bag, send me the love i so desperedly lack. (1x first)

Meditate in between for a short while. Then the 2nd, meditate, and then the 3th.
Let the canle burn out naturely while your sleeping. BEWARE OF FIRE!!

I wrote this spell for gay people but it should work for anyone!
Please let me know if it worked for you.
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