Grandmother Crone Energy


One white candle
Your favourite incense
A mirror


This ritual should help you come to terms with the aging process.

Spell Casting

On a full moon light some of your favourite incense and close your eyes. When you fell ready, call upon the energy of the moon to take you deep inside of yourself - that special place that is yours and yours alone. Now call upon your grandmother crone energy and let her image appear to you in your minds eye.

Witness all the gifts and power she has to offer you as you see yourself leaving behind your youth. Open your heart to release all the pain and rage of ageing, and know that you are unconditionally loved by this grand mother crone. She is here to receive you as soon as you surrender into her arms. When you feel complete, take her into your heart. Leave the candle to burn down to the wick in homage to her.
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