A glass of tap water


Call upon the different elements to control the weather.

Spell Casting

Light candle and hold it and let the wax drip down to your hand and say:
"God is thunder, under my plea,
Fire burns uncontrollably, fifth and lead.
Tame my old, wool thy new,
Fire control, for just a few.
Time and space, I will control,
Fire now, For time being told."

Sit criss-cross. Say Spell:
"I causes wind to stop, it's eerie powers now will drop.
I know i can never control,
rattles, battles, elves, and trolls."

Sit criss-cross with glass of tap water ONLY Bbetween your legs and hands over the glass with both middle fingers into glass. Say Spell:
"This I ask of you,
To have the power to
control the element of water.
Poseidon please step aside,
water, you ,and me now collide,
me as your help, your rule, and all,
you have been replaced for a few,
join me now, for you and who".
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