Lilac's Strong Bond Romance


Spice & Lemon/Lime
Salt & Sugar
A jar/bottle
Paper & Writing Utensils
A piece of Jewelry
Virgin/Lavender Oil


When two close friends are dating, but not officially, sometimes a relationship needs a little stability. This spell gives just that.

Spell Casting

*The names Sarah and James are used here but they are meant to be replaced by the two participants in the relationship in question* Note: This is not for forcing love, it is for making love that already exists stronger.

Moon: Waxing
Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Leo
Day: Friday
Colours: White & Green


Prepare your altar with all necessary ingredients, being sure everything has already been cleansed. Cast your circle on the Waxing Moon and wait until all within the circle seems peaceful. Then start by placing your receptive hand on the altar and let it act as a wire, transmitting all the Earth's energy to you. Absorb it and once you feel grounded begin the spell by taking the jar/bottle and saying:

"Jar of empty, Jar of clear, Holds no courage, holds no fear, Allow me to make use of you today, Allow me to enchant you in every way. Oh Lady Diana, Great Goddess of Love, Please bless my spell with spirit above".

*Gently begin blowing in Salt & Sugar.*

"Air blow! Send winds of pure veracity,
Feelings returned are shared with velocity,
Carry pure salt & sugar before it scatters,
Carry nothing, but truth, in all matters!"

*Slowly start pouring Water.*

"Water flow! Carry all of my will,
Let thoughts of Sarah never be still.
Carry them far, don't stray or tire,
Carry loving thoughts to her desire!"

*Begin sprinkling Spice & Citrus*

"Fire burn! Enflame all of his desire,
Power her beauty, make it ever higher,
Carry his words of compliments sweet,
Carry his passion, his love, and his heat!"

*Start slowly adding Dirt.*

"Earth adjourn! The feeling of despair,
Until Spirit and Fire, are blown by air,
Carry solidity and the feel of Self-Worth,
Carry slow loving and ground it in Earth!"

*Draw a Sigil of Sarah.*

"Spirit turn! From the East to the West,
With Waxing Moon let James be blessed,
Give him the Sight, the true power to see,
His life in the Light, with pure impartiality

*Draw a Sigil of James.*

Past mistakes are learnt from and fade,
Their aptitude increases, decisions made,
If ever they decide that this is not fate,
Let this spell end and forever dissipate.

*Draw a combined Sigil.*

With Power of the Great Goddess Diana,
And the Luck of three times three,
A Happy Merry Meet to all Magick Mana,
And the message, So mote it be!"

Wrap the piece of jewelry in the paper and gently lower it into the jar, ensuring none of the potion splashes. Close the jar and inscribe the Combination Sigil onto the cover, afterwards anoint the jar with Virgin or Lavendar Oil. Leave the potion to absorb the moon's energy for three or nine nights and then give the jewelry to the female involved.
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