Visualize Meditation


Comfortable place
Comfortable clothes
Comfortable shoe [if you are wearing]
Quiet place
Your Mind


I am writing this instructions for those who are new to the Visualize Meditation, Visualize Meditation exercises will help you to open your mental eye.

Spell Casting

Please find a place where you can relax;
This can be at work in your office, Sitting outside in a quiet park, You can do this at home sitting on sofa, bed even on the floor.

1) Try to sit without moving your body just relax yourself and quiet all your thoughts.
2) Close your eyelids.
3) Try focusing on one point and nothing else.
4) Try focusing between your eyes.
5) After body and mind have been stilled.
6) Visualize a red apple against a dark background.
7) Focus on it, bring it close and closer see the small details of it's skin, try smelling it, touch it and feel the skin, bite it and taste it.
8) Do this sited, do not lie down (this could cause you to fall asleep).
9) It may take a lot of practicing to actually to see thing, don't give up, keep practicing this and it will enhance your mind eye.

note1: Keep focus on apple and nothing else.
It may take a few times to actually taste the apple.
Don't give up, keep practicing this and it will enhance your mind for meditation.
note2: mastering the "Relax Meditation" on my page under history before this will help you stay focus and it's not hard for most to master the "Relax Meditation"
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