Summoning an Incubus 1


1 Candle
1 Incense
1 Pen
1 Paper


SPELL SUMMARY: This will teach you how to summon a Incubus easy and safe for beginners. note: I do not recommend you to summon.

Spell Casting

Be in a quiet and dark room by yourself. Relax your body and quiet your thoughts for 10 minutes then light your candle and burn both incense sticks. Relax your body and quiet your thoughts for another 5 minutes.

Write on the paper using black ink pen "O Great Lilith hear my call I beg of you to send your Son to me"

Burn the paper (make sure you DON'T burn your room and rest of the house). Blow out the candle (if you wish I recommend that you do) and do this everynight for 10 nights without missing 1 night.
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