Protection Charm


Jewelry or something you can carry around
Strength of mind


To call upon your guardian angels to protect you as long as you have a certain item somewhere in your clothes or on you.

Spell Casting

1. Imagine your whole body exactly as it is, with your clothes, jewelry, accessories, everything. If you cannot do this, stand in front of a mirror.

2. Concentrate on the piece of jewelry or item, while at the same time taking in all the details of your body.

3. Imagine the piece of jewelry or item glowing any bright color. I imagined a sort of pinkish-red.

4. While keeping the jewelry glowing, say this: "I plea upon the angels, the guardian angels, to protect me from magickal, physical, or emotional harm. I have nothing to offer for this, except my complete faith until the very end. Amen."

5. Imagine the glow growing into another color, I imagined a light blue, and growing to cover your whole body in any way. It need not be a circle, it can be any way. You can have it a sphere, or just the shape of your body, anything, really.

6. Now let the glow fade away until all you see is your body.

7. You may not feel any different, but you can know that if you have done the right things, and are worthy of their protection, the angels will look over you.
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