Motivation Booster Spell


incense (I like mint(mint is also useful for gaining the motivation to accomplish,)but any scent that is pleasing to you)
a piece of paper(new and torn not cut)
a match or lighter
Ink pen in your fave color (using your favorite color ink pen helps to personalize it b /c you have to write…I chose pink ink but you can use plain ol’ blue or black if you wish)
a tea light or votive candle in your fave scent (I made a vanilla and sandalwood scented votive candle just for this spell)
a cauldron or pot
good intentions and belief


We all have those days when we know we have to get stuff done this is to help boost your motivation. Best performed on Monaday during the waxing or full moon.

Spell Casting

Organize your materials in one place, preferably your altar but anywhere will work as long as you believe. Cleanse and consecrate your materials to remove negative energies and establish your intent. I performed this spell at my altar and lit my Goddess and God candles.

What to:
First light your incense and candle.

Now write on a full size sheet of paper what you need accomplished.
Place your cauldron or pot in front of you. Hold the paper in one hand and the incense in your power hand. Focus on what you wrote on the paper and swirl the incense around the paper in a clockwise motion. When you are ready to begin place your incense in its holder. Fold the paper 3 or 4 times toward you and light one corner on fire. You can immediately drop the paper into the cauldron or you can hold it until it burns halfway and then drop it in. Once the fire is in the cauldron say:

Remove this feeling of tired and drained
I desire to feel refreshed as a summers rain
My request is to move quickly and with purpose
From here on out laziness will suppress
My fingers become nimble and quick
As the fire burns from this candlestick
This spell harms none
And motivates one
As I will it So shall it be!

Look into your cauldron and make sure all pieces of paper are burned.

There can be NO pieces of paper left only ashes. So thoroughly burn any pieces that remain intact. Repeat this spell while burning any “extra” pieces of paper.

Repeat this spell for a week.

Then collect the ashes in your hand and either step outside or blow the pieces into the wind through a window.
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