Protection from Spirits


Sea Salt or Table Salt or Rock Salt


This spell grants basic protection from spirits.

Spell Casting

If you have a spirit bothering you their are many ways to ward it off. This particular way protects against thought-forms and spirits such as those. In simple terms it breaks the psychic connection or bind on you created by the spirit; think of a incubus or succubus.

First keep your self calm, the more anxious you get the scarier they become basically. Lay down a circle of salt or even throw rock salt at it. This will slow down the spirit but it will not banish it. Put a salt circle around, throw salt at it and say, "leave this house, you are not welcome here!" as many times as it take for him to leave.

Spirits go based on commands usually and thought-forms are very dangerous to psychic because they can specifically target a psychics abilities and make them not be able to use it.
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