Fade Walking


None, but a candle or two helps.


This allows you to cast a circle that is exactly half way between both worlds.

Spell Casting

Cast a circle. (I have my circle spell that I will tell sooner or later)
Sit crossed legged in your circle. If you have candles, light them now and put them in the four directions, or if you have on or two candles, Put them North and South. Then, say
"I create this sacred place,
That it be between the worlds.
A place where time and space,
Ripple and twirl.
That it be filled with light,
and all inside be protected
with their own hidden might.
A hidden sanctuary,
in the curl of heaven.
Where silence is a virtue,
and meditation is easy.
A spot, taken from worry.
Where I/we may be protected"

Replace I with we if there is another person joining you. Repeat the spell once for each person with you. To close it, just lose the circle.
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