Of Me You Will Think


1 Red Poppet
Love herbs of your choice
A piece of ribbon: pink for a girl, blue for a boy
A picture of your love's face
A strong will


This spell will make the one you adore think of you. It is very strong and works very well.

Spell Casting

Make or buy a red poppet, sew it up leav ing the head unsewed. turn it inside out so the stiching is on the inside. Fill the doll with stuffing. Add the herbs in with the stuffing. Then put the picture inside the doll's head and sew the head closed.

Take the ribbon and tie it in a bow. If you are casting on a boy, sew the bow like a bowtie on the front of the doll. If you are casting on a girl, sew the ribbon on like a hair bow.

Now that you have your Poppet, tell it, it's name (the name of your love),and tell it that you wish to contact the one you care for. Hold it close to your heart and tell it how much you love them.

Carry the poppet with you until your love returns your affection.

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