Poppet Binding Spell


1 Red Poppet (For the girl)
1 Blue Poppet (For the boy)
Or two of the same colour for same sex couples (Red girls, blue boys)
pink ribbon
needle and thread


This is a powerful poppet binding spell. It worked for me and I hope it works for you.

Spell Casting

Sew two poppets, one red and one blue, leaving the head open. Turn them inside out so the stitching is on the inside and fill with stuffing.

Cut out two small paper hearts. On one write your full name and birthday, and on the other write your husband/wife's full name and birthday. Then put them in the heads of the appropriate doll, and sew the heads shut.

Next take the two poppets and press them together. Take the pink ribbon and wrap it around the poppets as many times as it takes to keep them together. (For me it was three)

Once you've done that say thrice, Love so true, love of mine, stick with me for all of time.

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